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Windows 7 Twilight Zone Encounter: TCP/Network connection unbroken by hibernation cycle

I don’t know how this is possible, but here is what just happened:

15 minutes ago I put my laptop into hibernation.

I put it in into its case and walked about an eighth of a mile to the class I was late for.

I entered the classroom, and listened to my professor for five minutes.

I then took out my laptop and pushed the power button.

After the machine resumed from standby, I entered my password.

Imagine my surprise when the Putty SSH session I had running before I put the machine into hibernation came back up uninterrupted.  I didn’t know that TCP connection routing information could persist across a hibernation cycle.  In fact, I would have snubbed anyone who made that claim.  I guess it is time to eat my words.

The Proof:

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