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PHP Script Profiling with Advanced PHP Debugger (apd)

The Advanced PHP Debugger (apd) PHP script profiler worked wonderfully once the module was built and installed. However, getting to that point was quite painful.

Compilation initially wasn’t working the latest package code in the apd PECL repository. Initially, I thought the compilation problem was Ubuntu-specific, but after some googling I found this article by the apparently extremely capable jjf, in which the author dives into great detail about the exercise of tracking down and fixing the compilation problems with this package. This saved me a GREAT deal of time, and in the interest of making it even easier to obtain a working package I created an automated build system tool to automatically apply the changes that were required to “make it work.” The utility is available as “apdBuilder.sh” in the git repository.

Here are the full sources: https://github.com/jaytaylor/apd

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