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HOWTO: Mount a VirtualBox drive in another VM for fsck

# Shut down both VMs.
VBoxManage controlvm gw-lab_mesos-primary1a poweroff
VBoxManage controlvm gw-lab_mesos-primary2a poweroff

# Add a SATA controller port to the target VM (the one where fsck will be run from).
VBoxManage storageattach gw-lab_mesos-primary2a --medium none --storagectl SATAController --port 1 --device 0 --type hdd

# Attach the other hard drive to the target VM.
VBoxManage storageattach gw-lab_mesos-primary2a --medium /mnt/VirtualBox VMs/gw-lab_mesos-primary1a/Snapshots/{4695a86f-e9f3-4e4f-8b48-0336af217815}.vmdk --storagectl SATAController --port 1 --device 0 --type hdd

# Start the target VM.
VBoxManage startvm --type headless gw-lab_mesos-primary2a

ssh mesos-primary2a sudo fsck /dev/sdb1

Note: At first I somehow managed to attach the drive the mesos-primary2a, such that it showed up in `showhdinfo` but it wasn’t available in the target VM, and couldn’t be removed. Rebooting the host got VBox out of the funky state.

jaytaylor@host:/mnt/VirtualBox VMs$ VBoxManage showhdinfo /mnt/VirtualBox VMs/gw-lab_mesos-primary1a/Snapshots/{4695a86f-e9f3-4e4f-8b48-0336af217815}.vmdk
UUID: 50d87b4c-2c8d-40df-aeba-2153cbb7066d
Parent UUID: base
State: created
Type: normal (base)
Location: /mnt/VirtualBox VMs/gw-lab_mesos-primary1a/Snapshots/{4695a86f-e9f3-4e4f-8b48-0336af217815}.vmdk
Storage format: VMDK
Format variant: dynamic default
Capacity: 40960 MBytes
Size on disk: 38072 MBytes
In use by VMs: gw-lab_mesos-primary1a (UUID: 2160cfb5-1b5b-4f32-81bf-385f3d7a796a)
gw-lab_mesos-primary2a (UUID: c7a80492-cc66-4460-9b5a-53572875653c)

jaytaylor@host:/mnt/VirtualBox VMs$ VBoxManage showvminfo c7a80492-cc66-4460-9b5a-53572875653c --details
Name: gw-lab_mesos-primary2a
Default Frontend:
Storage Controller Name (0): SATAController
Storage Controller Type (0): IntelAhci
Storage Controller Instance Number (0): 0
Storage Controller Max Port Count (0): 30
Storage Controller Port Count (0): 2
Storage Controller Bootable (0): on
SATAController (0, 0): /mnt/VirtualBox VMs/gw-lab_mesos-primary2a/Snapshots/{7149016e-a75d-4612-b63e-52c8c5e45ad8}.vmdk (UUID: 64eb88f4-47cc-43b9-997a-6b1d440015da)
NIC 1: MAC: 0800278FD4DC, Attachment: NAT, Cable connected: on, Trace: off (file: none), Type: 82540EM, Reported speed: 0 Mbps, Boot priority: 0, Promisc Policy: deny, Bandwidth group: none

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