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Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison

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Original source (www.ec2instances.info)
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Clipped on: 2013-03-14

EC2Instances.info Easy Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison

NameMemory Compute Units StorageArchitectureI/O Performance Max IPs API NameLinux costWindows cost
Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large60.50 GB88 (2xIntel Xeon E5-2670)3370 GB (4x840 GB)64-bitVery High240cc2.8xlarge$2.40 hourly$2.97 hourly
Cluster Compute Quadruple Extra Large23.00 GB33.5 (2xIntel Xeon X5570)1690 GB (2x840 GB)64-bitVery High1cc1.4xlarge$1.30 hourly$1.61 hourly
Cluster GPU Quadruple Extra Large22.00 GB33.5 (2xIntel Xeon X5570)1690 GB (2x840 GB)64-bitVery High1cg1.4xlarge$2.10 hourly$2.60 hourly
High I/O Quadruple Extra Large60.50 GB35 (8 cores + 8 hyperthreads)2048 GB (2x1024 GB SSD)64-bitVery High1hi1.4xlarge$3.10 hourly$3.58 hourly
High Memory Cluster Eight Extra Large244.00 GB88 (2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670, eight-core. Intel Turbo, NUMA)240 GB SSD64-bitVery High1cr1.8xlarge$3.50 hourly$3.83 hourly
High Storage Eight Extra Large117.00 GB35 (8 cores + 8 hyperthreads)48 TB (24x2 TB)64-bitVery High1hs1.8xlarge$4.60 hourly$4.93 hourly
High-CPU Extra Large7.00 GB20 (8 cores x 2.5 units)1690 GB (4x420 GB)64-bitHigh60c1.xlarge$0.58 hourly$1.14 hourly
High-CPU Medium1.70 GB5 (2 cores x 2.5 units)350 GB32/64-bitModerate12c1.medium$0.14 hourly$0.28 hourly
High-Memory Double Extra Large34.20 GB13 (4 cores x 3.25 units)850 GB64-bitHigh120m2.2xlarge$0.82 hourly$1.14 hourly
High-Memory Extra Large17.10 GB6.5 (2 cores x 3.25 units)420 GB64-bitModerate60m2.xlarge$0.41 hourly$0.57 hourly
High-Memory Quadruple Extra Large68.40 GB26 (8 cores x 3.25 units)1690 GB (2x840 GB)64-bitHigh / 1000 Mbps240m2.4xlarge$1.64 hourly$2.28 hourly
M1 Extra Large15.00 GB8 (4 cores x 2 units)1690 GB (4x420 GB)64-bitHigh / 1000 Mbps60m1.xlarge$0.48 hourly$0.92 hourly
M1 Large7.50 GB4 (2 cores x 2 units)850 GB (2x420 GB)64-bitHigh / 500 Mbps30m1.large$0.24 hourly$0.46 hourly
M1 Medium3.75 GB2 (1 core x 2 units)410 GB32/64-bitModerate12m1.medium$0.12 hourly$0.23 hourly
M1 Small1.70 GB1 (1 core x 1 unit)160 GB32/64-bitModerate8m1.small$0.06 hourly$0.12 hourly
M3 Double Extra Large30.00 GB26 (8 cores x 3.25 units)0 GB (EBS only)64-bitHigh120m3.2xlarge$1.00 hourly$1.96 hourly
M3 Extra Large15.00 GB13 (4 cores x 3.25 units)0 GB (EBS only)64-bitModerate60m3.xlarge$0.50 hourly$0.98 hourly
Micro0.60 GB2 (only for short bursts)0 GB (EBS only)32/64-bitLow1t1.micro$0.02 hourly$0.02 hourly

This site was created out of frustration while trying to compare EC2 instances using Amazon's instance type and pricing pages.

It was made by @powdahound, is hosted on S3, and awaits your improvements on GitHub.