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Page load performance (Notes from "Device Agnostic Development")

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Clipped on: 2013-05-17
- Don't do in an imperative way (JS) what you can do in a declarative way (CSS)
- Avoid browser layout operations 
- Avoid Jank, use Canary to profile pages ( render recalculations
- Render time must be under 16ms to avoid Jank
- position: fixed is your friend
- upcoming: position: sticky
- Keep event listeners to a minimum
- Reduce the paint cost: keep to a minimum (dev tools -> show paint rectangles)
    - Reduce size of paint areas
    - Reduce the complexity of your paints
          - dev tools -> "Enable constant frame repainting"
          - Note: Styles have a certain cost

Set limits upfront (number of reqs, GCs, paint time, layout, style calculations)

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