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Pato surveillance system | Raspberry Pi

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Tags: hacking rasperry pi diy www.raspberrypi.org
Clipped on: 2013-07-24

Pato surveillance system

4 hours ago by liz
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      In the forums
      • mtascavage, 1 minute ago: Gaming • Re: Emulation Station - SNES Griffey baseball issue - help!
        Thanks very much for doing the research and the info!I would very much like to try that - I've never tried installing something on top of or in addition to Emulation Station - how would I be able to find…
      • Burngate, 3 minutes ago: Troubleshooting • Re: Error resizing existing FAT partition
        I got the same pop-up message.Reformatting with the SD Card Association’s formatting tool worked.I'd used the card previously with both Raspbian and RISC OS with no problems. Raspbian was quite happy resizing its partition, so there can't have been much…
      • MrOaiki, 3 minutes ago: Beginners • Re: Bad blocks, yet working
        The root, it seems. Would this explain why I can see the boot partition when I put the SD card into my Linux laptop, but when I try to mount the root file system I get an error and can't…
      • jfornango, 4 minutes ago: Automation, sensing and robotics • Re: Car monitor
        JoeDaStudd wrote:Very interesting project, I've always wondered were exactly they hide all the sensors and how they interact (the tire pressure being one of the biggies).There are wireless sensors mounted in the valve stems.Short-range wireless tranceivers read the pressure data…
      • sdjf, 7 minutes ago: Beginners • Re: Bad blocks, yet working
        Bad magic number in a superblock is not the same thing as bad data blocks. If the file system was created properly, there will be backup superblocks that make up for that.Which partition is this in, the boot partition or…

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      Friends of Pi

      • Camillo on
        July 24, 2013 at 4:11 pm said:

        Very interesting.
        I wonder how the Raspberry itself is powered; how does hi manage to power all does USB devices without a powered USB hub? With my Raspberry 256MB I have a lot of power problems…

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