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Clipped on: 2013-10-11




check_postgres is a script for monitoring various attributes of your database. It is designed to work with Nagios, MRTG, or in standalone scripts.


Once installed, you should be able to view the documentation locally by running:

 man check_postgres

The documentation is also available in HTML format:


The latest version, 2.21.0, can be downloaded here:

Bugs and Feature Requests

Bugs should be reported at our github page. Feature requests are welcome there as well, or send us an email.

Mailing Lists

Three mailing lists are available. For discussions about the program, bug reports, feature requests, and commit notices, send email to check_postgres@bucardo.org

A low-volume list for announcement of new versions and important notices is the 'check_postgres-announce' list:

Source code changes (via git-commit) are sent to the 'check_postgres-commit' list:


Everyone is encouraged to look over and make improvements to the code. The latest development version can be obtained by running:

 git clone git://bucardo.org/check_postgres.git

There is also a GitHub mirror for easy patch contribution by the general public.