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Dual Core | International hip hop duo. Nerdcore, Hip Hop, Hacker Rap & Tech Culture

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Clipped on: 2014-01-13


Dual Core – Fear & Chaos (Dale Chase Remix)

Earlier this year, Dale Chase completely re-worked the song Fear & Chaos from our album All The Things. We love what he did with it.

Download: Dual Core – Fear & Chaos (Dale Chase Remix)

As featured on DEF CON 21: The Official Soundtrack, released in August 2013.

Check more of Dale’s music.

Posted November 19th 2013 by c64 in Dual Core News, Music, Video

Adam WarRock drops ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ featuring Dual Core

The Hardest Working Artist In the World™ released his 3rd full length album earlier this week entitled ‘The Middle of Nowhere’. And we’re on it.

<a href="http://adamwarrock.bandcamp.com/album/the-middle-of-nowhere">The Middle of Nowhere by Adam WarRock</a>

You can find Dual Core on track 5. That Kid, Icarus (produced/mixed by c64), 6. How You Die (raps by eighty & STD, produced/mixed by c64) and 8. Internet Crush (produced/mixed by c64).

This is arguably Adam Warrock’s finest piece of work, and considering he releases over 9000 tracks per year, that’s really saying something.

Additionally, the production on this thing makes me weep with envy.

Buy ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ on Bandcamp

Read more at adamwarrock.com

Posted November 6th 2013 by c64 in Appearances, Dual Core News, Music

Happy Birthday to All The Things & int eighty!

On 28 August 2012, All The Things was unleashed upon the world.

To celebrate the album’s one year anniversary, we’ve cut the price of all our digital albums by 50% for the next couple of days.

Visit our Bandcamp page to get these half price goodies.

Additionally, our very own int eighty turned 21 years old this week (or thereabouts).

As he’s such a nice guy, he celebrated by raising over $3000 for Kiva; donating over $2000 of his own money. Well done eighty.

Read more on Facebook or Twitter. Change all the lives.

<a href="http://dualcoremusic.bandcamp.com/album/all-the-things">All The Things by Dual Core</a>

Posted August 28th 2013 by c64 in Dual Core News, Music

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