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Solid Python Deployments for Everybody — Hynek Schlawack

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Solid Python Deployments for Everybody

  • March 16, 2013 ·

Without orientation, deployments of Python applications can be tiresome and even painful. This talk attempts to replace anxiety and pain through informed annoyance.

So far, I’ve held it at PyCon US 2013. And again in a revised and expanded form at EuroPython 2013 in Florence.

This page is solely intended as a companion to the talk, not as a self-contained blog post although it may contain useful links for everybody.

Slides: PyCon US 2013, EuroPython 2013.



  • If you don’t know about Vagrant, you have to look into it now. PyCharm even has direct support for this style of development.
  • If you’re on a Mac, you need dash. It’s all your APIs just a key press away.

You press your global hotkey and start typing. Dash searches your docsets and presents you the results:

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