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A centralized tool for managing Virtual machines and instances, such as creating, booting, migrating, snapshots, packaging, networking, monitoring, VNC client and much more! Allows you to control virtual machines through web based UI or an IRC bot


linux, windows, osx, open-source, virt, cloud-paas, python,


DIY Platform-as-a-Service tool specialized for NodeJS projects with AWS as the backend, and created by Mozilla


linux, open-source, cloud-paas, nodejs,


boot2docker is a lightweight Linux distribution based on Tiny Core Linux made specifically to run Docker containers. It runs completely from RAM, weighs ~24MB and boots in a couple of seconds. Can be used as a base OS when running your own PaaS with Docker, or other kind of deployments.


linux, open-source, virt, cloud-paas,


Buildstep uses Docker and small buildpack scripts to build applications like Heroku. It was used by Dokku to create a 100-line Heroku clone. There are many open source Buildpack scripts for various languages like Java, Ruby, Erlang, PHP, etc.


linux, open-source, cloud-paas, ruby,


CoreOS is an extremely lightweight base OS for Docker. It installs just a kernel, systemd and docker, and then you use Docker to pull in any service that you want. Can be used as a base OS when running your own PaaS with Docker, or other kind of deployments.


linux, open-source, commercial, virt, cloud-paas,


Deis (pronounced DAY-iss) is an open source PaaS that makes it easy to deploy and manage applications on your own servers. Deis builds upon Docker and CoreOS to provide a lightweight PaaS with a Heroku-inspired workflow.


linux, open-source, virt, cloud-paas, go,


A Ruby API to interact with various cloud platforms


linux, windows, osx, open-source, cloud-paas, ruby,


An open source cloud hosting service for Python/Django web applications. Its like an open source Heroku for python/django


linux, windows, osx, open-source, cloud-paas, python,


Docker uses LXC to create and manage native, sandboxed virtual containers. LXC containers acts like a separate OSes, can install their own packages without affecting anything else, and overall have almost the same flexibility of VMs but without any of the virtualization overhead! Docker adds a ton of features, like an elegant configuration file that automates many things (like port forwarding, disk/directory mounting, networking, etc), a way to create and share readymade images that can be distributed as appliances, etc.


linux, open-source, virt, cloud-paas, provisioning, go,

Dokku Alt

Dokku on Steroids. The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen. It's fork of original dokku. The idea behind this fork is to provide complete solution with plugins covering most of use-cases which are stable and well tested.


linux, open-source, virt, cloud-paas, provisioning, shell?,


It uses docker, git-receive and a few other lightweight and clever libraries to build a quick PaaS, all around just 100 lines of code! An excellent small tool to get started with PaaS systems. The same developer is creating a larger scale, production quality system called Flynn.


linux, open-source, virt, cloud-paas, provisioning, shell?,


An open source software for building Amazon EC2-compatible private and hybrid cloud platforms


linux, open-source, virt, cloud-paas, c,


From the creator of Dokku, Flynn is a full fledged, open source PaaS platform built on top of Docker. You just push code with a Procfile, and that’s it, Flynn immediately picks it up, provisions a Docker container and deploys the latest code! Its tagged as “the product that ops gives to developers”


linux, open-source, virt, cloud-paas, go,


The Ruby Cloud API library. Provides a Ruby API for interacting and managing many cloud providers, such as spinning up new instances, terminating old ones, attaching storage, etc. Currently supports more than 20 providers, including EC2, Rackspace, Brightbox, etc.


linux, windows, osx, open-source, cloud-paas, ruby,


A complete lifecycle management tool for servers, both self-hosted and in the cloud. It allows you to create and manage instances, build and deploy images, view and audit hosts, and much more! It works with Puppet or Chef, and has multiple interaction facilities like a web frontend, CLI and a RESTful API.


linux, open-source, virt, config-mgmt, provisioning, monitoring, cloud-paas, ruby,


A Java Library for controlling cloud resources, with various plugins for many popular cloud providers.


linux, windows, osx, open-source, cloud-paas, java,


Streamline your web projects from development from production. Jeto is a web interface for several ReST APIs (nginx-api, vagrant-worker and htpasswd-api). With Ĵeto you add and manage (start/stop/provision) vagrant projects on the fly via a nice and easy to use web interface.


linux, open-source, cloud, cloud-paas, paas, ci, cd, virt, provisioning, orchestration, python,


An open source, massively scalable cloud operating system used for building private and public clouds


linux, open-source, virt, cloud-paas,


A self-hosted personal cloud/social platform with contacts, calendars, file sharing, tasks, etc.


linux, open-source, cloud-paas,


Packer is a tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms (like VirtualBox, VMWare, EC2, DigitalOcean, etc) from a single configuration file.


linux, windows, osx, open-source, virt, cloud-paas, go,


A tool to provision and maintain servers across various cloud platforms as well as virtual machine platforms, without any dependencies. Provides cloud and operating system independence.


linux, windows, osx, open-source, cloud-paas, clojure,


A set of Ansible playbooks to configure and maintain your own personal cloud, including email, calendars, file storage, vpn, irc, etc. A nice collection of utilities as well as a good showcase of Ansible's features


linux, open-source, cloud-paas, python,


A specialized, cluster computing toolkit for EC2, designed to summon and manage clusters of virtual machines in EC2.


linux, open-source, cloud-paas, python,


Terraform provides a common configuration to launch infrastructure from different providers (AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, etc.). It provides dependency resolution to make sure that your infrastructure is created in the right order


linux, windows, osx, open-source, cloud-paas, go,


A Pallet plugin which converts VirtualBox into a cloud platform


linux, windows, osx, open-source, virt, cloud-paas, clojure,


Weave creates a virtual network that connects Docker containers deployed across multiple hosts. Services provided by application containers on the weave network can be made accessible to the outside world, regardless of where those containers are running. Similarly, existing internal systems can be exposed to application containers irrespective of their location.


linux, open-source, virt, cloud-paas, orchestration, service-discovery, go,