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Maven Repository: com.googlecode.protobuf-java-format » protobuf-java-format » 1.2

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Protobuf Java Format » 1.2

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Provide serialization and de-serialization of different formats based on Google’s protobuf Message. Enables overriding the default (byte array) output to text based formats such as XML, JSON and HTML.

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Date(May 21, 2011)
Issue Trackerhttp://code.google.com/p/protobuf-java-format/issues

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Provided Dependencies (2)

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SerializerImage (Asset 4/6) alt=com.google.protobuf » protobuf-java
Image (Asset 5/6) alt=org.codehaus.jackson » jackson-smile (optional)

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TestingImage (Asset 6/6) alt=junit » junit
Mockingorg.easymock » easymock 3.03.4


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