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DevOps as a Service

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One integrated tool

Containers from A to Z to power your apps

Build and maintain your application on any cloud

Starting from your source code or Docker images, your servers are started, configured and application containers are started up on each server. Web traffic load balancing, container lifecycle management and background processes are done automatically with each deployment and can be managed through the UI, command line or the API.

Your databases are built and deployed on your own servers and are managed, while setting up backups and replication is a couple of clicks away.

Created with Sketch. Database (Slave) MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB Redis ElasticSearch External DBs Cloud 66 Managed Backup Cloud 66 Managed Backup Web UI / Commandline Control and Monitoring Web UI / Commandline Control and Monitoring Your cloud provider Cloud 66 Your git repository Database MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB Redis ElasticSearch External DBs Load Balancer HAProxy AWS ELB Rackspace LB NodeBalancer Front end 2 BuildGrid / Deployment Engine Front end 1 Nginx Docker Container Network Elastic DNS Back end 1 Docker Process Monitoring Container Network Elastic DNS Your code Your Docker Images Database Load Balancer Front end 2 Your code Your Docker Images BuildGrid / Deployment Engine Front end 1 Back end 1
  • Deployment

    Deployments start from your code and rolled out throughout your cluster. They can be triggered manually or automatically after each code commit.

  • Monitoring

    CPU, Memory and Disk are monitored on all servers. Your application processes are monitored and restarted if needed and OS is updated automatically.

  • Backups

    All databases are built and configured on your servers but managed and backed up off site.

  • Replication

    Replication is supported for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB and ElasticSearch.

Everything you need to run Docker in production

Running applications in Docker containers helps with consistency of development and production environments, easier deployments and use of micro-services. Here is everything you need to run Docker in production.

Created with Sketch. Nginx ElasticDNS ElasticDNS Nginx ElasticDNS ElasticDNS web container api container background process container Public Network ContainerNet Nginx Nginx
  • Traffic Distribution

    Traffic from outside the stack is distributed between containers by load balancers and then Nginx at the server level.

  • ContainerNet

    ContainerNet is a private network between all containers across all servers and components of a stack like your databases.


    All containers, hosts and services like databases get a private IP address that is dynamically assigned and automatically updated with each deployment. ElasticDNS is a DNS service for simple service discovery without any change in your code.

Continuous delivery with BuildGrid

BuildGrid is a hosted Docker image building service. It takes in your code + Dockerfile and builds and stores Docker images to be deployed on your servers for you.

Created with Sketch. Your git repository Cloud 66 Your cloud provider BuildGrid Private Docker Image Repository Web UI / Commandline Private Docker Image Repository Web UI / Commandline Your code Your Dockerfile + Your code (git push) Deployment Server 1 Server 2 Server 3 Deployment Server 1 Server 3 Server 2 Private Docker Image Repository BuildGrid Private Docker Image Repository Your code Your Dockerfile + Web UI / Commandline Your code (git push)
  • Docker Image Builds

    Docker images are built continuously from your sourcecode and Dockerfile directly from your git repository.

  • Private Docker Image Repo

    All built images are stored in a private Docker image repository, available to be used locally or pushed to production servers.

  • Continuous Deployment

    Each deployment pushes the latest Docker images to all servers, managed the container lifecycle and updates ContainerNet DHCP and DNS addresses.

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