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Legal status

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Legal status

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Every inhabited star system maintains a legal status record for each pilot who visits. This status is determined by the local authorities, who keep a tally of actions that they consider favorable (such as attacking pirates or running errands for the authorities and their representatives) as well as criminal activity (attacking government personnel, piracy, aiding the enemy, etc.) Actions in adjacent systems are also taken into consideration, although given less weight than actions committed in the immediate vicinity. If a pilot's record is considered favorable overall, the authorities may reward the pilot by discounting prices for commodities and supplies; conversely, an unfavorable status is reflected in higher prices and, often, in outright refusal to allow a pilot to land at spaceports in that system.

Good Scale Legal Status
0 No Record
4 Citizen
16 Good Citizen
64 Upstanding Citizen
256 Leading Citizen
1024 Model Citizen
4096 Virtuous Citizen

Evil Scale Legal Status
0 No Convictions
1 Minor Offender
4 Offender
16 Criminal
64 Wanted Criminal
256 Fugitive
1024 Hunted Fugitive
4096 Public Enemy


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Since a pilot's legal status is linked to his or her ship, some clandestine services are reported to possess devices that mask a pilot's identity and government affiliation. As a last resort, you can initiate your ship's self-destruct sequence, which will reset your record to that of a new pilot.