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Clipped on: 2016-03-08

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Docker image for Docker Pipeline demo

This image contains a "Docker Pipeline" Job that demonstrates Jenkins Pipeline integration with Docker via CloudBees Docker Pipeline plugin.

normaldocker run --rm -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -p 8022:22 --add-host=docker.example.com: -ti --privileged jenkinsci/docker-workflow-demo

The "Docker Pipeline" Job simply does the following:

  1. Gets the Spring Pet Clinic demonstration application code from GitHub.
  2. Builds the Pet Clinic application in a Docker container.
  3. Builds a runnable Pet Clinic application Docker image.
  4. Runs a Pet Clinic app container (from the Pet Clinic application Docker image) + a second maven3 container that runs automated tests against the Pet Clinic app container.
    • The 2 containers are linked, allowing the test container to fire requests at the Pet Clinic app container.

The "Docker Pipeline" Job demonstrates how to use the  docker  DSL:

  1. Use  docker.image  to define a DSL  Image  object (not to be confused with  build ) that can then be used to perform operations on a Docker image:
    • use  Image.inside  to run a Docker container and execute commands in it. The build workspace is mounted as the working directory in the container.
    • use  Image.run  to run a Docker container in detached mode, returning a DSL  Container  object that can be later used to stop the container (via  Container.stop ).
  2. Use  docker.build  to build a Docker image from a  Dockerfile , returning a DSL  Image  object that can then be used to perform operations on that image (as above).

The  docker  DSL supports some additional capabilities not shown in the "Docker Pipeline" Job:

  1. Use the  docker.withRegistry  and  docker.withServer  to register endpoints for the Docker registry and host to be used when executing docker commands.
    •  docker.withRegistry(<registryUrl>, <registryCredentialsId>) 
    •  docker.withServer(<serverUri>, <serverCredentialsId>) 
  2. Use the  Image.pull  to pull Docker image layers into the Docker host cache.
  3. Use the  Image.push  to push a Docker image to the associated Docker Registry. See  docker.withRegistry  above.