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Clipped on: 2016-03-11

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Coverage testing tool for The Go Programming Language



Coverage reporting tool for The Go Programming Language

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 go get github.com/axw/gocov/gocov 


There are currently four gocov commands:  test ,  convert ,  report  and  annotate .

gocov test

Running  gocov test [args...]  will run  go test [args...]  with an implicit  -coverprofile  added, and then output the result of  gocov convert  with the profile.

gocov convert

Running  gocov convert <coverprofile>  will convert a coverage profile generated by  go tool cover  to gocov's JSON interchange format. For example:

normalgo test -coverprofile=c.out
gocov convert c.out | gocov annotate -

gocov report

Running  gocov report <coverage.json>  will generate a textual report from the coverage data output by  gocov convert . It is assumed that the source code has not changed in between.

Output from  gocov test  is printed to stdout so users can pipe the output to  gocov report  to view a summary of the test coverage, for example: -

normalgocov test | gocov report

gocov annotate

Running  gocov annotate <coverage.json> <package[.receiver].function>  will generate a source listing of the specified function, annotating it with coverage information, such as which lines have been missed.

Related tools

GoCovGUI: A simple GUI wrapper for the gocov coverage analysis tool.

gocov-html: A simple helper tool for generating HTML output from gocov.

gocov-xml: A simple helper tool for generating XML output in Cobertura format for CIs like Jenkins and others from gocov.

goveralls: Go integration for Coveralls.io continuous code coverage tracking system.