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hang on `docker stop` · Issue #18758 · docker/docker

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Tags: containers docker github.com
Clipped on: 2016-03-15

@thaJeztah @jfrazelle having just worked around this issue I think docker can (and should) workaround this problem.

The gist of what happens is:

  • You have a container with N processes
  •  docker stop  is issued
  • pid 1 gets a TERM
  • pid 1 exists but other pids are still running some may have got TERMs
  • In some weird kernel linux container condition the orphan processes are not torn down and trigger a failure mode in the kernel.

Instead I thing the "semantics" of  docker stop  should be changed to:

  1. Send TERM to pid 1, wait up to 10 seconds for pid 1 to finish. (if not finished send a QUIT)
  2. Check if any other pids are still running in the container, if there are a. In parallel send TERM + wait for up to 5 seconds for each of the remaining pids. If it is still running send a QUIT and wait.
  3. Stop container

This will change the semantics a bit on docker stop, but, on the other hand, introduce some sort of documented behavior for orphans and make  stop  much more reliable even if kernel or aufs has bugs.