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Clipped on: 2016-04-09

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Eventsourcing for Java

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Lightweight implementation, succinct data models, fast message processing, in-memory and on-disk indexing, causality-preserving hybrid logical clocks, locking primitives and OSGi support out of the box.

  • Domain Model Flexibility

    Shape domain models in a most suitable way, responding to needs and challenges as they come using built-in indexing capabilities

  • Perfect Audit Trail

    Every event and its cause are serialized so that every action and its outcome can be traced

  • Functionality Mapping

    Designating commands and events provides developers with a clear, succinct "one-page view" of available functionality

  • Strongly Typed Schema

    All commands and events are compactly serialized according to their typing information and schema migration capabilities are included

  • Tooling

    The Java implementation comes with JMX introspection and management primitives built-in. Additional application tooling is available, such as a GraphQL adaptor

  • Open Source

    Published on GitHub and licensed under the terms of Apache License 2.0


Eventsourcing is an organization that funds and governs the development of an open source implementation of an event sourcing database, as well as promotes the benefits of this approach.