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Frozen Orb Sorceress by DeathMars

Frozen Orb Sorceress
Game Diablo II
Class Sorceress
Primary Attack Frozen Orb
PvM/PvP Both
Can Solo Hell? Yes
Creator DeathMars

This character type is built off of one skill only, which is frozen orb. I personally like this build because it offers me both PvM and PvP with the gear and stats. It is good for mfing (magic find) since your frozen orb can be used to deal with large groups of enemies. Your only problem with this build is when you have to deal with "Cold Immunes". But don't worry, because if you have a good Act 2 Mercenary, he can usually take care of everything.


Frozen Orb: This is how your sorceress will get her name, so max it.

Ice Bolt: The only skill that gives Frozen Orb extra damage. Max this one as well.

Cold Mastery: When you start to PvP and PvM, it might seem that no matter how big your damage is, you can't even lower their life a speck. This skill will take care of that for you. Max this.

All Ice Armors: Put 1 in all of these.

Teleport: A must for PvP and even for normal traveling. Put 1 in this skill.

Static Field: When you are trapped in a corner by Cold Immune monsters, this skill will be your life saver to make life easier for your mercenary. Put 1 in this skill.

Energy Shield: This is your main form of defense when youre teleporting around the dueling field and when Mfing. Put the rest of your skills in here.


Strength: Just enough to wear gear. You should already have your gear before you start this build.

Dexterity: Just enough to have a decent block. But don't fuss too much about it.

Vitality: Put a lot into this one.

Energy: Many people would say that you shouldn't put anytihng into this one, but I beg to differ. Since Energy Shield will be your main form of defense, have a little bit less points than your vitality.


Helm: Harlequin Crest Shako (Or however you spell it): A must because of your plus 2 to all skills and the Mf. Socket this with a Rainbow Facet which casts Blizzard when you die.

Armor: Chains of Honor Runeword. Pretty much god himself for sorceresses.

Gloves: Magefist. I use these because of the faster cast rate.

Rings: Ravenfrost and a Stone of Jordan.

Amulet: A plus 3 to cold skills ammy.

Weapons 1: Heart of the Oak Runeword. Or if youre poor, an Occy.

Shield 1: This one is debatable, but I prefer a simple spirit because of the cheapness and effectiveness.

Weapons 2: Call to Arms Runeword. Self explanatory.

Shield 2: Spirit again.

Boots: War Traveler. Mf and Enchanced Defense.

Belt: Arach. PLus 1 to all skills belt? Obviously.

Inventory: Life Small Charms and Cold Grand Charms. Have room for a torch and an anni.


Weapon: Infinity Runeword or Insight (depending on whether you want more damage or faster mf)

Armor: Fortitude Runeword.

Helm: Andys here for strength bonus and aura bonus.

PvP Strategies:

What you really want here is to hit and run. Teleport around like shit and then orb at people.

PvM Strategies:

Just make sure your mercenary is always in front of you. Stay back and orb. If they're cold immune, Static Field them to shit.

Okay, that's my build. WOOOOOO!

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