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Framework with ID x does not exist on slave with ID y

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Clipped on: 2016-04-25

I keep getting this error on my marathon dashboard

Framework with ID 'a5a96e8c-c3f2-4591-8eb3-43f8dc902585-0001' does not exist on slave with ID '9959ba51-f6f7-448f-99d2-289767f12179-S2'.

The path to make this error occur is to click "Sandbox" next to a task on the main marathon dashboard.

The path looks something like this


However, if I go to the slave through the slave panel, and click the framework from there, I am able to access the sandbox. The link in this case looks like the following


Any ideas on what I have misconfigured?

asked Feb 11 at 6:48
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Peter Klipfel
Can you check whether you are using same mesos version in all slaves and masters? – avr Feb 18 at 18:48

Mesos Web UI does not proxy logs through mesos-master (although it would be nice). Basically you need to be able to resolve slave's name from your browser (computer) and port 5051 needs to be open for you:

$ nc -z -w5 mesos.dev.internal 5051; echo $?
0 # port is open

It's not a good idea to leave Mesos ports open for public, so either you can:

  • connect via VPN
  • whitelist your public IP on all slaves
  • use CLI instead of Web UI

Using CLI is quite easy, once you set master's URI. You can install it:

pip install mesos.cli mesos.interface

Then you can list all tasks using mesos ps, or fetch stdout:

  mesos tail -f rabbitmq.6316bf0a-d089-11e5-b895-fa163e196ca3

and stderr:

  mesos tail -f rabbitmq.6316bf0a-d089-11e5-b895-fa163e196ca3 stderr

Note that the mesos-cli is no longer developed, similar features and much more you should be able to do with Mesosphere's DCOS CLI

answered Feb 22 at 19:03
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