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PostgreSQL client library for Go
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Pgx is a a pure Go database connection library designed specifically for PostgreSQL. Pgx is different from other drivers such as pq because, while it can operate as a database/sql compatible driver, pgx is primarily intended to be used directly. It offers a native interface similar to database/sql that offers better performance and more features.


Pgx supports many additional features beyond what is available through database/sql.

  • Listen / notify
  • Transaction isolation level control
  • Full TLS connection control
  • Binary format support for custom types (can be much faster)
  • Logging support
  • Configurable connection pool with after connect hooks to do arbitrary connection setup
  • PostgreSQL array to Go slice mapping for integers, floats, and strings
  • Hstore support
  • JSON and JSONB support
  • Maps inet and cidr PostgreSQL types to net.IPNet and net.IP
  • Large object support
  • Null mapping to Null* struct or pointer to pointer.
  • Supports database/sql.Scanner and database/sql/driver.Valuer interfaces for custom types


Pgx performs roughly equivalent to pq and go-pg for selecting a single column from a single row, but it is substantially faster when selecting multiple entire rows (6893 queries/sec for pgx vs. 3968 queries/sec for pq -- 73% faster).

See this gist for the underlying benchmark results or checkout go_db_bench to run tests for yourself.


Import the  github.com/jackc/pgx/stdlib  package to use pgx as a driver for database/sql. It is possible to retrieve a pgx connection from database/sql on demand. This allows using the database/sql interface in most places, but using pgx directly when more performance or PostgreSQL specific features are needed.


pgx includes extensive documentation in the godoc format. It is viewable online at godoc.org.


pgx supports multiple connection and authentication types. Setting up a test environment that can test all of them can be cumbersome. In particular, Windows cannot test Unix domain socket connections. Because of this pgx will skip tests for connection types that are not configured.

Normal Test Environment

To setup the normal test environment run the following SQL:

normalcreate user pgx_md5 password 'secret';
create database pgx_test;

Connect to database pgx_test and run:

normalcreate extension hstore;

Next open connection_settings_test.go.example and make a copy without the .example. If your PostgreSQL server is accepting connections on, then you are done.

Connection and Authentication Test Environment

Complete the normal test environment setup and also do the following.

Run the following SQL:

normalcreate user pgx_none;
create user pgx_pw password 'secret';

Add the following to your pg_hba.conf:

If you are developing on Unix with domain socket connections:

normallocal  pgx_test  pgx_none  trust
local  pgx_test  pgx_pw    password
local  pgx_test  pgx_md5   md5

If you are developing on Windows with TCP connections:

normalhost  pgx_test  pgx_none trust
host  pgx_test  pgx_pw password
host  pgx_test  pgx_md5 md5

Version Policy

pgx follows semantic versioning for the documented public API.  master  branch tracks the latest stable branch ( v2 ). Consider using  import "gopkg.in/jackc/pgx.v2"  to lock to the  v2  branch or use a vendoring tool such as godep.