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Clipped on: 2016-06-15

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ClickHouse is a free analytic DBMS for big data.
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contrib BaseDaemon: waitForTerminationRequest() use sigaction instead of sigwait 7 days ago
dbms Added missing header (fixed build on gcc 5.4, tnx. kmeaw) [#METR-20000]. 9 hours ago
debian Docs in packages: development [#METR-20000]. 5 days ago
doc Fixed errors about Druid [#METR-20000]. 4 hours ago
docker Add Dockerfiles for client and server 5 hours ago
libs Modifications for address sanitizer [#METR-2944]. 5 days ago
private @ bc91114 Updated submodule [#METR-2944]. 5 days ago
tools Fixed error [#METR-20000]. 5 days ago
utils zookeeper-dump-tree: print tree size 7 days ago
.editorconfig .editorconfig for GitHub web interface 2 months ago
.gitattributes Better stats on github [#METR-20000]. a month ago
.gitignore Updated gitignore [#METR-2944]. 4 months ago
.gitmodules Specified address for private submodule [#METR-20000]. 21 days ago
AUTHORS Added AUTHORS and LICENSE [#METR-20000]. 3 months ago
CMakeLists.txt Better message [#METR-20000]. 5 days ago
LICENSE Added AUTHORS and LICENSE [#METR-20000]. 3 months ago
README.md Added readme [#METR-20000]. 28 days ago
add.test.cmake cmake: force tests to run from source dir a year ago
copy_headers.sh Added missing modification [#METR-20000]. 24 days ago
detect_distributive.cmake Removed unrelated data. 4 months ago
release Removed useless code [#METR-20000]. 5 days ago
release_lib.sh Allow to build packages standalone [#METR-21515]. 19 days ago
release_test Removed useless code [#METR-20000]. 5 days ago


ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented database management system that allows generating analytical data reports in real time.