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A Quick Guide to Save or Backup iPhone SMS Messages to a PC or Mac

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This step-by-step guide will show you how to use iPhone SMS Transfer tool to effortlessly save or backup iPhone text messages to a PC/Mac and restore them back to your iPhone.

How to Backup or Save iPhone Text Messages to Your PC or Mac

Is it possible to save iPhone SMS or iMessages to a computer? It is. More likely than not, the text messages you send and receive through your iPhone represent your primary means of communication. There’s no question that texting has replaced phone calls and email as the best way to speak with friends, family, coworkers, and others.


Because text messages are so important, it’s more crucial now than ever to have a means of backing up these messages to your computer or Mac device. You should have a way to keep your favorite texts from family and friends, and you should have a way to save your most significant messages from work. There are a number of reasons that can necessitate a program that will let you store and organize these messages.


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No matter what your reasons are for wanting to save your text messages, having a way to save and keep track of everything can be a relief. Emails are stored on the cloud, so there’s nothing to worry about on that front. Text messages are saved to your phone. What this means is that if anything were to happen to your phone, all your SMSs would be gone. For this reason alone, having the means to save your messages is essential. Unfortunately, your iPhone’s iOS is such that simply downloading an app from the app store that will successfully save all of your text messages is impossible.


However, all hope is not lost. By understanding how to transfer iPhone text messages to your computer with iPhone SMS Transfer program, which can be accomplished in just a few simple steps, you’ll have a definitive protective measure in place for your messages:


(a). How to Export or Save iPhone Text Messages to Computer as PDF, Text, Word, HTML, and CSV Files

(b). How to Backup iPhone SMS to Your PC and Restore from Backup


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Step 2: Export your iPhone text messages to a document file (PDF, HTML, Word, Text or CSV File)

  1. Exporting the messages on your phone to a document is the next step. Simply choose your phone from the list of devices found on the program’s interface. By clicking the button labeled "Export SMS to File" that can be located on top toolbar or by using File -> Export SMS to File option, you’ll have the ability to export your SMS messages to a Word, Text, HTML or CSV file.

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You can also move all the messages from a single contact to a document. This can be done by clicking on your iPhone, scrolling down until you find the contact name you wish to export, and clicking "Export SMS with this contact to File" button. You also have the option to export a specific SMS to a document, using the steps already mentioned.


Tip: You can also right click on the contact name and then choose "Export SMS with this contact to File" option.



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Step 3: Select the destination folder to save your text messages

Creating your SMS save path is simple. All you have to do is choose the place you want to save the document to, pick the type of document (text, html, word or csv) you want the message or messages to be saved as, and type in the file name you want.


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(b). How to Backup iPhone SMS to Your PC and Restore


  2. Step 1: Launch the program on your PC/Mac and connect your iPhone

To start with the process of SMS transfer, first install and launch the iPhone SMS Transfer program and connect your iPhone to PC/Mac via USB cable.


Step 2: Backup all or selected text messages to a computer

You will need to Select your iPhone from the devices list and click the "Backup SMS to Local Database" button or simply go to File -> Backup SMS to Local Database if you want to backup all your text messages (including attachments) to your PC/Mac.


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Backing up text messages from a single contact from your iPhone to your computer is also a simple and easy task. Just click on your wanted contact name and press "Backup SMS to Local Database" button or go File -> Backup SMS to Local Database. Additionally, you can also right click the contact name and then choose "Backup SMS with this contact to Local Database".


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Step 3: Enter a new database name to create a backup of your text messages

In the end, you will need to enter a new database name to create a new database of your iPhone text messages and click on "Confirm" button.


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Your messages are now safe, and they can be accessed easily at any time. If you’re particularly concerned about keeping a copy of your text messages, you can always create a copy of your saved SMS messages for a flash-drive or external hard drive. This is entirely your decision, but some people like having the additional security measure.


Step 4: Restore text messages back to iPhone or new iPhone

To restore text messages, launch the program and connect your iPhone to your PC or iMac. Now, click on the backup file in the Local Database list and from the top toolbar click on the "Transfer SMS from Database to iPhone" button or go to the File -> Transfer SMS from Database to iPhone. 


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Note: You may also restore text messages from a particular contact or only selected text messages.


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