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Stavros Korokithakis / Spamnesty

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Original source (gitlab.com)
Tags: spam spammers retaliation gitlab.com
Clipped on: 2016-11-22

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A service that tries to have some fun with spam.


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Spamnesty lets you waste spammers' time by pretending it's a person and talking to them.


To run Spamnesty, just clone this repository, install docker-compose and start everything up:

pip install docker-compose
docker-compose up

If you access http://localhost/, you should see the Spamnesty home page!

To access the admin interface, create a user:

docker-compose run web /code/manage.py createsuperuser

and go to http://localhost/entrary/ the log in.


To contribute, just issue a merge request on our repository. Make sure tests pass first, though:

docker-compose run web /code/manage.py test