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SQL interface to Git repositories, written in Go.
Go Shell
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gitql is a SQL interface to Git repositories, written in Go.

WARNING: gitql is still in a very early stage of development. It is considered experimental.


Check the Releases page to download the gitql binary.


  gitql [OPTIONS] <query | version>

Help Options:
  -h, --help  Show this help message

Available commands:
  query    Execute a SQL query a repository.
  version  Show the version information.

For example:

$ cd my_git_repo
$ gitql query 'SELECT hash, author_email, author_name FROM commits LIMIT 2;' 
SELECT hash, author_email, author_name FROM commits LIMIT 2;
|                   HASH                   |   AUTHOR EMAIL     |  AUTHOR NAME  |
| 02e0aa0ef807d2ae4d02ecdbe37681db9e812544 | Santiago M. Mola   | user1@test.io |
| 034cb63f77f4a0d30d26dabb999d348be6640df7 | Antonio J. Navarro | user2@test.io |


gitql exposes the following tables:

  • commits (hash, author_name, author_email, author_time, comitter_name, comitter_email, comitter_time, message)
  • blobs (hash, size)
  • references (hash, name, is_branch, is_note, is_remote, is_tag, target)
  • tags (hash, name, tagger_email, tagger_name, tagger_when, message, target)
  • tree_entries (tree_hash, entry_hash, mode, name)

SQL syntax

gitql supports a subset of the SQL standard, currently including:

  •  SELECT 
  •  WHERE 
  •  ORDER BY  (with  ASC  and  DESC )
  •  LIMIT 


gitql is licensed under the MIT License.