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Sketch of the Day: HyperLogLog -- Cornerstone of a Big Data Infrastructure

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Original source (research.neustar.biz)
Tags: math algorithms statistics hyperloglog research.neustar.biz
Clipped on: 2017-04-06

Image (Asset 1/36) alt= but i don’t know how the Register Value that is highlighted in red is computed,can you give me some explanation about the computing of the register value.thanks!

  • Image (Asset 2/36) alt= first:how to computer the theoretical register values
    second:the purpose of the The distribution ?
    best regards!

  • Image (Asset 3/36) alt= Thanks for the reference. Interesting idea you have over there. See my comment on your blog for my thoughts.

  • Image (Asset 4/36) alt= Union.Bucket[i] = Max(A.Bucket[i], B.Bucket[i])

    Why doesn’t taking the min result in an intersection? Logically it seems like it should but I’m sure I’m missing something.

    Thanks (:

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