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    • Clear and easy listing of multi-region cloud resources (subnets, instances, users, buckets, records, etc.) on AWS EC2, IAM, S3, RDS, AutoScaling, SNS, SQS, Route53, CloudWatch, CloudFormation and Lambda:  awless list 
    • Output formats either human (Markdown-compatible tables, trees) or machine readable (csv, tsv, json, ...):  --format 
    • Listing can be filtered via resource properties or resources tags:  --filter property=val ,  --tag Key=Value 
    • Explore a resource given only an id, name or arn (properties, relations, dependencies, ...):  awless show 
    • Creation, update and deletion (CRUD) of cloud resources and complex infrastructure with smart defaults and sound autocomplete through powerful awless templates:  awless run my-awless-templates/create_my_infra.txt 
    • Powerful CRUD CLI one-liner (integrated in the awless templating engine) with:  awless create instance ... ,  awless create vpc ... ,  awless attach policy ... 
    • Leveraging AWS  userdata  to provision instance on creation from remote (i.e http) or local scripts:  awless create instance userdata=http://... 
    • Easy reporting of all the CLI template executions:  awless log 
    • Revert of executed templates and resources creation:  awless revert 
    • Clean and simple ssh to instances:  awless ssh 
    • Resolve public images dynamically (i.e. independant of the region specific AMI id):  awless search images canonical:ubuntu:xenial --id-only 
    • Aliasing of resources through their natural name so you don't have to always use cryptic ids that are impossible to remember
    • Inspectors are small CLI utilities to run analysis on your cloud resources graphs:  awless inspect 
    • Manual sync mode to fetch & store resources locally. Then query & inspect your cloud offline:  awless sync 
    • CLI autocompletion for Unix/Linux's bash and zsh  awless completion 

    Getting started

    Take the tour at Getting Started (wiki).

    Or read the introductory blog post about awless.


     awless  is an open source project created by Henri Binsztok, Quentin Bourgerie, Simon Caplette and François-Xavier Aguessy at Wallix.  awless  is released under the Apache License and sponsored by Wallix.

    Disclaimer: Awless allows for easy resource creation with your cloud provider;
    we will not be responsible for any cloud costs incurred (even if you create a 
    million instances using awless templates).

    Contributors are welcome! Please head to Contributing (wiki) to learn more.