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Clipped on: 2017-07-16

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  • Image (Asset 1/6) alt= When enabled (true), additional debugging information about the command and configured settings will be printed to the Sublime Text Console; useful for troubleshooting purposes.

  • prettier_cli_path (default: empty)
    It's recommended to leave this setting empty (the default). However, if Sublime Text has problems resolving the CLI path to the Prettier executable, you can explicitly set the appropriate path here.

    When the setting is left empty, the path is resolved by searching locations in the following order, returning the first matched path:

    • Locally installed Prettier, relative to the Sublime Text Project file root directory, e.g.:  node_modules/.bin/prettier .
    • The user's home directory, e.g.:  $HOME/node_modules/.bin/prettier .
    • Look in the JsPrettier Sublime Text plug-in directory for  node_modules/.bin/prettier .
    • Finally, check if Prettier is installed globally.

    nvm users are required to set an appropriate absolute prettier_cli_path (and absolute node_path); according to the target runtime environment.

  • node_path (default: empty)
    It's recommended to leave this setting empty (the default). However, if Sublime Text has problems resolving the absolute path to the node executable, you can explicitly set the appropriate path here.

    nvm users are required to set an appropriate absolute node_path (and absolute prettier_cli_path); according to the target runtime environment.

  • auto_format_on_save (default: false)
    Whether or not to automatically format on every file save.

  • auto_format_on_save_excludes (default: ["*/node_modules/*", "*/.git/*"])
    Ignore auto formatting when the target file, or its path resides in a particular location, and when  auto_format_on_save  is turned on.


  • allow_inline_formatting (default: false)
    Enables the ability to format selections of in-lined code. For example, to format a selection of JavaScript code within a PHP or HTML file. When true, the JsPrettier command is available for use across all Sublime Text syntaxes.

  • custom_file_extensions (default: [])
    There's built-in support already for  js ,  jsx ,  json ,  graphql ,  ts ,  tsx ,  css ,  scss  and  less  files. Any additional file extensions must be specified here (exclude the leading dot).

  • additional_cli_args (default: {})
    A key-value pair of additional arguments to append to the prettier command.


          "--no-color": "",
          "--single-quote=false": "",
          "--cursor-offset": -1,
          "--list-different": ""

    NOTE: If choosing to specify additional cli args, it is assumed that each argument is supported by the prettier-cli. Otherwise, the command will fail to run, and errors will be dumped out to the Sublime Text Console. You can also enable the  debug  setting to inspect the generated command-line output passed to prettier; which is also useful for quickly troubleshooting issues.

  • max_file_size_limit (default: -1)
    The maximum allowed file size to format in bytes. For performance reasons, files with a greater file size than the specified  max_file_size_limit  will not be formatted. Setting the  max_file_size_limit  value to -1 will disable file size checking (default).

Prettier Options

  • useTabs (internally set by the translate_tabs_to_spaces setting)
    Indent lines with tabs.

  • printWidth (default: 80)
    Specifies that the formatted code should fit within this line limit.

  • tabWidth (internally set by the tab_size setting)
    The number of spaces to use per tab.

  • singleQuote (default: false)
    If true, code will be formatted using single-quotes, instead of double-quotes.

  • trailingComma (default: "none")
    Controls the printing of trailing commas wherever possible. Valid options:

    • "none" – No trailing commas
    • "es5" – Trailing commas where valid in ES5 (objects, arrays, etc)
    • "all" – Trailing commas wherever possible (function arguments)
  • bracketSpacing (default: true)
    Controls the printing of spaces inside object literals.

  • jsxBracketSameLine (default: false)
    When true, right-angle brackets (">") of multi-line jsx elements will be placed at the end of the last line, instead of being alone on the next line.

  • parser (default: "babylon")
    Which parser to use. Valid options are "flow", "babylon", "typescript" and "postcss".

    If CSS or TypeScript is detected in Sublime Text, the parser option will always be internally overridden and set to "postcss" or "typescript" respectively.

  • semi (default: true)
    true to add a semicolon at the end of every line, or false to add a semicolon only at the beginning of lines that may introduce ASI failures.

For further details and examples of setting Prettier's options, please see the Prettier API section on the Prettier homepage.

Project-level Settings

JsPrettier supports Project-level settings, specified in  <project_name>.sublime-project  files. In order for Project-level settings to override the Defaults and User configured settings, a new  js_prettier  section must be created under the project file's  settings  section.

Example Sublime Text Project File

    "folders": [
            "path": "."
    "settings": {
        "js_prettier": {
            "debug": false,
            "prettier_cli_path": "",
            "node_path": "",
            "auto_format_on_save": false,
            "auto_format_on_save_excludes": ["*/node_modules/*", "*/.git/*"],
            "allow_inline_formatting": false,
            "custom_file_extensions": [],
            "additional_cli_args": {},
            "max_file_size_limit": -1,
            "prettier_options": {
                "printWidth": 80,
                "singleQuote": false,
                "trailingComma": "none",
                "bracketSpacing": true,
                "jsxBracketSameLine": false,
                "parser": "babylon",
                "semi": true


To report an issue, please follow the steps outlined in the Issue Template.


Please visit the Changelog page for a complete list of changes.


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