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Intel's First: The 3101 64-bit Bipolar Memory | The CPU Shack Museum

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Clipped on: 2017-09-16

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    1. Inside Intel’s first product: the 3101 RAM chip held just 64 bits – KAYENRE Technology
      September 14th, 2017 at 9:09 am

      […] To get the die photos, I started with two chips that I received thanks to Evan Wasserman and John Culver. The pins on the chips had been crushed in the mail, but this didn’t affect the die photos. The chips had two different lot numbers that indicate they were manufactured a few months apart. Strangely, the metal lids on the chips were different sizes and the dies were slightly different. For more information, see the CPU Shack writeup of the 3101. […]

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