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Clipped on: 2017-11-06

Welcome to my page about batteries, chargers and flashlights

This page is about batteries, chargers, flashlights and sometimes other stuff. Mostly it is reviews, but sometimes I do write articles.
To get stuff reviewed, please read this article about it.

Last additions: Enercig 20700 4000mAh EC-27B (Red), BlitzWolf dual port usb charger BW-S2, SODA Dual Battery Charger 2017, DMM XL830L, Nitecore IMR18490 1100mAh (Black-Yellow), DMM Amprobe AM-510-EUR, Sofirn AA 2600mAh (Black-Blue), Aukey Dual usb Car Charger CC-S5, TrustFire IMR26650 3400mAh (Red-gold), CRDCsmart 5 port usb+QC2.0 PA-T1, Efest LUC V2 Charger 2017, UltraFire TR18500 1600mAh (Blue), Efest IMR26650 4200mAh (Purple) 2017, Universal USB charger UBP-008, Aspire ICR18650 1800mAh (Black-yellow), Folomov A1, TrustFire IMR18650 1500mAh (Red-gold), DMM UNI-T UT139C, TrustFire IMR16340 650mAh (Red-gold), Ansmann 2.4A High Speed USB car charger 1000-0014, Golisi IMR26650 4300mAh (Gold), Folomov A4, nicjoy 14500 850mAh (Green-brown), Ansmann 2.4A High Speed USB charger ANB0114, Sofirn AA 3800mAh (White-Black), Efest PRO C1 Charger 2017, Vapcell NCR21700 4800mAh (Purple), DMM Aneng AN860B+, Folomov A2, Vapcell Internal Resistance Tester YR1030, LiitoKala 18350 900mAh (Pink), Orico Surge Protector with USB charger OSJ-4A5U-EU, LiitoKala INR26650-50A 5000mAh (Black), Charger Xtar MC4 update, PKCELL ICR14500 750mAh (Blue)

BlitzWolf dual port usb charger BW-S2 at Banggood with code: 20BWS2 Review
Nitecore SC4 at Banggood with code: 98dc44 Review

Batteries and battery chargers
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Battery and charger reviews, including comparison between batteries.

USB power supplies/chargers and USB power boxes
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Review/test of USB equipment for charging.

Article index
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Index of all my articles, these articles is also listed on the different category pages.

Led driver tests
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Led driver boards, these are used when modifying flashlights, reparing flashlights or build you own led lightning.

Flashlight reviews
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Flashlight reviews and beamshots.

Anything else
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Anything that does not fit in the above categories.

The Danish part of my website
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This part is not update at the current time.

Other interesting sites

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Any comments can be mailed to info@lygte-info.dk