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NVIDIA Tesla P100 NVLink 16GB GPU (Pascal GP100) Up Close

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NVIDIA Tesla P100 NVLink 16GB GPU Accelerator (Pascal GP100 SXM2) Up Close

The NVIDIA Tesla P100 NVLink GPUs are a big advancement. For the first time, the GPU is stepping outside the traditional “add in card” design. No longer tied to the fixed specifications of PCI-Express cards, NVIDIA’s engineers have designed a new form factor that best suits the needs of the GPU. With their SXM2 design, NVIDIA can run GPUs to their full potential.

One of the biggest changes this allows is the NVLink interconnect, which allows GPUs to operate beyond the restrictions of the PCI-Express bus. Instead, the GPUs communicate with one another over this high-speed link. Additionally, these new “Pascal” architecture GPUs bring improvements including higher performance, faster connectivity, and more flexibility for users & programmers.

Image (Asset 2/19) alt= https://www.microway.com/knowledge-center-articles/in-depth-comparison-of-nvidia-tesla-pascal-gpu-accelerators/

NVIDIA keeps the full table here:

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