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EDDB - Elite: Dangerous Database

Browse the universe! Jump to any system or search by many properties.
Browse the universe! Jump to any station or search by many properties. You can even find the ship you wanna buy!
Search & Find - find your faction and discover all about their systems and stations.
Browse commodities, compare and sort by numbers and go into detail to find out who sells or buys the best!
Search & Find - all about bodies! Filter bodies and find materials or resource sites.
Single Hop Route
Wanna trade from A to B? The Single Route Finder gets you the best profit with a lot of filter options.
Multi Hop Route
Always the same route is boring? This tool lets you profitably space truck through the universe.
Loop Route
You want the best profit possible? No matter where or what? The Loop Finder gives you exactly that!
Find Commodity
Mission problems? Can't find a station that sells you that stuff? Then the Commodity Finder is what you need!
Important note regarding price updates! 29-09-17

Update: This has been fixed! Unfortunately Frontiers API for prices, outfitting and shipyard is still offline. This leads to EDMC or other apps not working for price updates right now. EDDBs route finder is possibly outdated. All we can do now is wait for Frontier to fix their API. Until then - good luck in finding profitable routes

Elite Dangerous 2.4 and call for help! 27-09-17

EDDB has been prepared for all the 2.4 changes. This includes system renames, new modules and Journal changes. However, some stuff needs further investigation.

Update: This has been kindly submitted. Thanks! More specifically we need a raw Journal file dump of an FsdJump event for the system Rohini and of a Docking event for the station Eudaemon Anchorage in that system. You can join our Discord Server to get in touch with me (username themroc).

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