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Why I Ripped The Same CD 300 Times

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Clipped on: 2018-08-07

Why I Ripped The Same CD 300 Times

I collect music by buying physical CDs, digitizing them with Exact Audio Copy, and scanning the artwork. This is sometimes challenging if the CD was self-published in a limited run in a foreign country ten years ago. It is very challenging if the CDs have a manufacturing defect that renders some tracks unreadable.

(Sequel: Error Beneath the WAVs)

(Русский перевод: Зачем я рипнул один компакт-диск 300 раз)

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  1. That single AccurateRip entry for this album matched my CRCs for all tracks except track #3 – they had 0x84B9DD1A, vs my result of 0xA595BC09. I suspect that original ripper didn’t realize their disk was bad.
  2. The obvious question when buying a CD- or DVD-ROM drive, here in the year in 2018, is “lol where?”. And I didn’t want just one, I wanted several, from different brands. There is only one bricks-and-mortar store I know of that would have an inventory of 5.25” DVD drives. Only one that’s big enough to spare the shelf space but crufty enough that they wouldn’t be out of place. I speak, of course, of Frys Electronics.