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Install on QNAP NAS

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Entware can be installed using QPKG system. Please remove Optware, Qnapware if it is currently installed. Entware cannot be used simultaneously with Optware or Qnapware.

Download this package for standard installation or this package for alternative installation and install qpkg manually in App Center. Standard entware installation is also available in Qnap Store.

This package will autodetect NAS platform and deploy appropriate Entware binaries. Following platforms are supported:

  • aarch64 (x28+),
  • armv5 (x19),
  • armv7 (x31, x41, x28),
  • x86-64.

More details on installation are here - https://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=351&t=139781

NOTE Current armv7 architecture users running Entware-ng, or any user currently running Entware-3x, can switch to Entware by running opkg update; opkg upgrade twice. Qnap owners using Entware-ng (armv5, x64) can upgrade to the new Entware using unofficial instructions published in this topic. This will not change package name in AppCenter.

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