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Clipped on: 2018-09-26
Kubernetes cleanup



Here are 3 cleanups you can apply on your kubernetes cluster:

  • Cleans up exited containers and dangling images/volumes running as a DaemonSet (docker-clean.yml).
  • Cleans up old replica sets, finished jobs and unrecycled evicted pods as a CronJob (k8s-clean.yml).
  • Cleans up empty directory (not used anymore) in etcd as a CronJob (etcd-empty-dir-cleanup.yml).

You must have batch/v2alpha1 enabled on your k8s API server runtime config in order to run the CronJob.

Env vars

In the DaemonSet (docker-clean.yml) you can set DOCKER_CLEAN_INTERVAL to modify the interval when it cleans up exited containers and dangling images/volumes; defaults to 30min (1800s).

In the CronJob (k8s-clean.yml) you can set DAYS to modify the maximum age of replica sets; defaults to 7 days.


kubectl --context CONTEXT -n kube-system apply -f rbac.yml
kubectl --context CONTEXT -n kube-system apply -f docker-clean.yml
kubectl --context CONTEXT -n kube-system apply -f k8s-clean.yml
kubectl --context CONTEXT -n kube-system apply -f etcd-empty-dir-cleanup.yml
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