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Easy SSH servers in Golang https://godoc.org/github.com/gliderla…
Image (Asset 3/11) alt= _examples Remote forwarding (#88) 2 months ago LICENSE more docs, license, readme. 2 years ago README.md Add syntax highlighting to readme (#67) a year ago agent.go small api updates (#69) a year ago circle.yml Update CircleCI config to test 1.9 and the latest 8 months ago conn.go fix timeout bug (#52) a year ago context.go Remote forwarding (#88) 2 months ago context_test.go Support for local port forwarding (#38#38, Support for local port forwarding) 2 years ago doc.go Remote forwarding (#88) 2 months ago example_test.go contexts (#29) 2 years ago options.go Switch to using gossh.ParsePrivateKey when reading PrivateKeys (#61) a year ago options_test.go [proposal] ConnCallback (#36) 2 years ago server.go Added Server.KeyboardInteractiveHandler 3 days ago server_test.go Fix race condition in TestServerClose (#75) 9 months ago session.go Remote forwarding (#88) 2 months ago session_test.go Remote forwarding (#88) 2 months ago ssh.go Import x/net/crypto/ssh with alias gossh 2 days ago ssh_test.go fix test 2 years ago tcpip.go Remote forwarding (#88) 2 months ago tcpip_test.go Support port forwarding of literal IPv6 addresses (#85) 4 months ago util.go Update generateSigner key size to 2048 (#62) a year ago wrap.go contexts (#29) 2 years ago



Image (Asset 4/11) alt=Examples

A bunch of great examples are in the _examples directory.


See GoDoc reference.


Pull requests are welcome! However, since this project is very much about API design, please submit API changes as issues to discuss before submitting PRs.

Also, you can join our Slack to discuss as well.


  • Non-session channel handlers
  • Cleanup callback API
  • 1.0 release
  • High-level client?


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