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Aaron Toponce : Making Sense of Hashed Hosts in ~/.ssh/known_hosts

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Clipped on: 2019-01-09

Image (Asset 1/5) alt= |1|F1E1KeoE/eEWhi10WpGv4OdiO6Y=|3988QV0VE8wmZL7suNrYQLITLCg= ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAAAgwCZx9lGaY+Zhz98TdWqZ01mTzOwRnQO0EIBM8Hx8olxMbrQ1Xa+x/7LBoGyJqeYFunZbFCVpAu+2SBkvf75qV8nTlq3WXnLnprsH5Sq/c9f29ZCcMHevI

The host name is
The following is how to apply the salt/key to get the hashed host name:
$hex_key=$(echo $(echo F1E1KeoE/eEWhi10WpGv4OdiO6Y= | base64 -d | xxd -p));echo $(echo -n | openssl sha1 -mac HMAC -macopt hexkey:$hex_key)|awk '{print $2}'|xxd -r -p|base64

So, 3988.....Cg= is the hashed value of

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    "I don't expect you to follow this post completely, but it's so amazingly cool, I have to blog it." - and the award for most arrogant sentence of the day goes to....YOU!!!!

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