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Fast and Lightweight Log processor and forwarder for Linux, BSD and OSX http://fluentbit.io/
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$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ bin/fluent-bit -i cpu -o stdout


Fluent Bit support the following features through plugins:

Input plugins

name option description
CPU cpu gather CPU usage between snapshots of one second. It support multiple cores
Disk disk usage of block device
Dummy dummy generates dummy event
Exec exec executes external program and collects event logs
Forward forward Fluentd forward protocol
Memory mem usage of system memory
MQTT mqtt start a MQTT server and receive publish messages
Netif netif usage of network interface
Kernel Ring Buffer kmsg read Linux Kernel messages, same behavior as the dmesg command line program
Syslog syslog read messages from a syslog daemon
Systemd/Journald systemd read messages from journald, part of the systemd suite
Serial Port serial read from serial port
Standard Input stdin read from the standard input
Head head read first part of files
Health health check health of TCP services
Process proc check health of Process
Random random generate random numbers
Tail tail tail log files
TCP tcp listen for raw JSON map messages over TCP

Filter Plugins

name option description
Record Modifier record_modifier Append/Remove key-value pair
Grep grep Match or exclude specific records by patterns
Nest nest Nest specific records by patterns
Kubernetes kubernetes Enrich logs with Kubernetes Metadata
Stdout stdout Print records to the standard output interface
Parser parser Parse records

Output Plugins

name option description
Counter counter count records
Elasticsearch es flush records to a Elasticsearch server
File file flush records to a file
FlowCounter flowcounter count records and its size
Forward forward flush records to a Fluentd service. On the Fluentd side, it requires an in_forward.
NATS nats flush records to a NATS server
HTTP http flush records to a HTTP end point
InfluxDB influxdb flush records to InfluxDB time series database
Plot plot generate a file for gnuplot
Standard Output stdout prints the records to the standard output stream
Treasure Data td flush records to Treasure Data service (cloud analytics)

Official Documentation

The official documentation of Fluent Bit can be found in the following site:



In order to contribute to the project please refer to the CONTRIBUTING guidelines.


Feel free to join us on our Slack channel, Mailing List or IRC:


This program is under the terms of the Apache License v2.0.


Fluent Bit is made and sponsored by Treasure Data among other contributors.

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