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Image (Asset 4/15) alt=Features

  • Multiple book formats
    • epub
    • pdf
  • Search
  • Advanced Search
    • Search any combination of fields
    • View all information in the results
  • List view
  • Responsive web interface
  • Update notifications
  • Browse by:
    • Author
    • Series (from calibre metadata)
  • Sorted by:
    • Last added
    • Alphabetically
    • Series
  • Web based reader
    • Custom fonts, colors, sizing, spacing
    • Remembers your position
    • Book search
    • And more
  • Search
  • And more
  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast
  • No extra dependencies


Image (Asset 5/15) alt=Reader Screenshots
Desktop Mobile
Image (Asset 6/15) alt=Advanced Search
Image (Asset 7/15) alt=System Requirements

The server works on all platforms.

The web interface works on IE 9+, Edge, Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari 5.1+, Opera 17+, and Android browser 4.4+.

The web-based reader works on IE 10+, Edge, Firefox 28+, Chrome 21+, Safari 9+, Opera 17+, and Android browser 4.4+.


Run BookBrowser from the directory with the epub books. By default, you can access the web interface at http://localhost:8090.

You can also use the command line arguments below:

  -addr string
    	The address to bind to. (default ":8090")
  -bookdir string
    	The directory to get books from. This directory must exist. (default ".")
  -tempdir string
    	The directory to use for storing temporary files such as book cover thumbnails. This directory is create on start and deleted on exit. (default is a subdirectory in your system's temp directory)