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Cisco VPN AnyConnect client packaging issues | Jamf Nation

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Clipped on: 2019-12-03

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I am trying to package the latest version of Cisco AnyConnect 4.2.01035 but ran into a reboot required issue. Basically once created in Composer, the client opens up to an error "The VPN Service is not available. Exiting". A reboot fixes this but making this inconvenient to our end-user base as we will need to force them to reboot each time. Does anyone know of a method to avoid the reboot? I have already tried rebooting post installation while in Composer and completed the process of creating the package after the reboot through Composer but no luck there. It seems that the client might be looking for some certificate potentially created during a reboot in order for it to properly function.

Any help in either how to properly package this and to avoid a reboot or with Cisco AnyConnect will be extremely appreciated!

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Image (Asset 7/21) alt= <line choice="choice_websecurity"/> <line choice="choice_fireamp"/> <line choice="choice_dart"/> <line choice="choice_posture"/> <line choice="choice_iseposture"/> <line choice="choice_nvm"/> </choices-outline>

After saving the Distribution file, I flattened the package.

pkgutil --flatten ~/Documents/AnyConnectVPN ~/Desktop/CiscoVPN.pkg

Then I tested it to make sure that it only installed the VPN module and it worked.


Image (Asset 15/21) alt=pkgutil --expand ~/Documents/AnyConnect.pkg ~/Documents/AnyConnectVPN

  • Open the Distribution file inside of the expanded package and delete the line for module which you don't want to include in package and save the changes
    <choices-outline> <line choice="choice_vpn"/>
    <line choice="choice_websecurity"/>
    <line choice="choice_dart"/>
    <line choice="choice_posture"/> <line choice="choice_iseposture"/> <line choice="choice_fireamp"/>
    <line choice="choice_nvm"/>

  • After saving the Distribution file, flatten the package using the below command
    pkgutil --flatten ~/Documents/AnyConnectVPN ~/Documents/CiscoVPN.pkg

  • Upload the CiscoVPN.pkg to Jamf Admin and push to Mac.