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urandom/text-summary: Summarizes text

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Tags: golang go library archived to-revisit-later github.com
Clipped on: 2020-02-05

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Summarizes text
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Text-summary takes some text, and extracts its key points. Its an almost direct port of PyTeaser

From PyTeaser

Summaries are created by ranking sentences in a news article according to how relevant they are to the entire text. The top 5 sentences are used to form a "summary". Each sentence is ranked by using four criteria:

  • Relevance to the title
  • Relevance to keywords in the article
  • Position of the sentence
  • Length of the sentence


import "github.com/urandom/text-summary/summarize"


s := summarize.New("Title for the text", someIOReader)
// or
// s := summarize.NewFromString("Title for the text", "Lengthy text ...")

keyPoints := s.KeyPoints()