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kylef/goji: Command line JIRA client

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Clipped on: 2020-02-05

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Installation on macOS using Homebrew:

$ brew install kylef/formulae/goji

Install goji using pip:

$ pip install goji


Once installed, goji requires the base URL of your Atlassian suite to be configured to run commands. It can be specified as a command argument or as an environment variable.

$ export GOJI_BASE_URL=https://example.atlassian.net
$ goji --base-url https://example.atlassian.net show GOJI-43

To authenticate, use the login command. This step is required to use the other commands:

$ goji login

To provide authentication only for the current command, you can pass email and password as options:

$ goji --email kyle@example.com --password pass whoami

Or alternatively, you may set the credentials using environment variables.

$ export GOJI_EMAIL=kyle@example.com
$ export GOJI_PASSWORD=password



  • login - Authenticate with JIRA server
  • whoami - View information regarding current user
  • show - Show details about issue
  • create - Create a new issue
  • assign - Assign an issue to a user
  • unassign - Unassign a user from an issue
  • comment - Comment on an issue
  • change-status - Change the status of an issue
  • edit - Edit issue description
  • open - Open issue in a web browser
  • search - Search issues using JQL
  • sprint - Collection of commands to manage sprints


Authenticate with a JIRA server.

$ goji login

Email: delisa@example.com


Show detailed information about an issue.

$ goji show GOJI-1
-> GOJI-1
  As a user, I would like to view an issue status

  - Status: Closed
  - Creator: Kyle Fuller (kylef)
  - Assigned: Kyle Fuller (kylef)
  - URL: https://cocode.atlassian.net/browse/GOJI-1

  Related issues:
  - Relates to: GOJI-2 (Closed)


Opens an issue in your browser.

$ goji open GOJI-1

assign / unassign

Assigns yourself or another user to an issue.

$ goji assign GOJI-1
You have been assigned to GOJI-1.
$ goji assign GOJI-1 sam
sam has been assigned to GOJI-1.
$ goji unassign GOJI-1
GOJI-1 has been unassigned.


Add a comment to an issue, editing text in your $EDITOR

$ goji comment GOJI-1


Search issues using JQL

$ goji search "project=GOJI AND assignee=sam"
GOJI-21 Update core metrics
GOJI-40 Remove expired food from fridge


Change the status of an issue

$ goji change-status GOJI-311 "done"
Fetching possible transitions...
Okay, the status for GOJI-311 is now "Done".
$ goji change-status GOJI-311
Fetching possible transitions...
0: To Do
1: In Progress
2: Done
Select a transition: 1
Okay, the status for GOJI-311 is now "In Progress".


  • create - Create a sprint


goji is released under the BSD license. See LICENSE.