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RFC-7807 problem details with Spring Boot and JAX-RS

01/10/20 by

Application specific problems, e.g. a missing field in a client request, have to be handled properly with machine readable and... Read more

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DON’T make an ASS out of U and ME when dealing with Hibernate caching!

07/17/19 by

Hibernate caching: Is Hibernate's First-Level-Cache limited to a decent transaction? Intuitively my answer was: No. Read more

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Data crawlers in business platforms

05/22/19 by

Acquiring data from other sources can be done by scraping web pages or through various web API services. For this purpose, we can create crawlers, scrapers, or even use Robotic Process Automation. Read more

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Augmented Reality: AR sunlight estimation

03/29/19 by Paul Schwörer

A performant sunlight estimation technique relying solely on Google ARCore and simple calculations. Read more

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How to secure a Spring Boot app with SAML and Keycloak

03/26/19 by

In this blog post, you'll learn how to configure your Spring Boot app to use SSO via SAML with Keycloak. Read more

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How to package your frontend in a Spring Boot App with ParcelJS

02/28/19 by

If you want to build something quick or just hack around a bit, then ParcelJS and Spring Boot might be a good fit for you. Read more

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AWS Lambda: Cold boot and mean response times in Scala vs. Java

02/01/19 by

Benchmark the cold start and mean response times on AWS Lambda using Scala and Java with Gatling and serverless framework. Read more

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Securing Spring Boot Admin & actuator endpoints with Keycloak

01/28/19 by

Spring Boot Admin is a popular tool for monitoring and managing Spring Boot-based applications. Learn how to secure it with Keycloak. Read more

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Micronaut Microservices Framework: Introduction

01/23/19 by

Micronaut is a modern JVM-based microservices framework. I will introduce it to you and show a small hello world example. Read more

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