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(1) Indistinguishable From Magic: Manufacturing Modern Computer Chips - YouTube

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Clipped on: 2020-04-06

Indistinguishable From Magic: Manufacturing Modern Computer Chips
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Talk in HOPE09, NYC Modern computer chips are using transistors with features as small as 22nm. They are produced in factories that are 10,000 times cleaner than an operating room that can think like Skynet. Combined, the chips they produce run everything from your cell phone to the Internet itself. While outsiders might see it as the realm of multi-billion dollar corporations, in reality, it has been achieved through a hardcore application of the hacker mindset. Each new advancement involves hacking the theories of electrical engineering, hacking waves of light, and sometimes hacking physics. In this talk, we will go over how and why the design of a modern nanoscale transistor was developed. We will also talk about the processes used to build them, and the incredible equipment that makes it all possible. Plus some fun stories about what goes wrong.

Top Comments

ungratefulmetalpansy | The programmers who now need 100 megabytes for a mouse driver should watch this. It's because of the work of physical engineers that programmers get to slack off these days.
5 years ago

Locane256 | I will never complain about CPU prices again.
4 years ago

orange70383 | This is the practical application of alchemy.
2 years ago

WeNeedMoreFarads | Yeah... About that "Intel 7nm in 2017"...
1 year ago

Larry Gall | Even though it's from 2012, I found this one of the best videos on process that I've seen yet.
1 year ago

w0ttheh3ll | This is a cool talk. In 2019, seven years later, EUV is now actually being used in some fabs.
4 months ago (edited)

The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+ | Lol at 15:14 "...this one is copy righted, I'm using it anyways..." Guy on bottom right pull up his camera and takes a photo.
3 years ago

Damonack | the "FOUP" video was absolutely beautiful xD especially the commentary that went with it
4 years ago

The Kaiser | You are selling products full of holes to us in Europe?! This will have consequences!
1 year ago

Imgema | Next time you throw your old computer in the recycle bin, think of this video.
3 years ago