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GitHub - gphotosuploader/gphotos-uploader-cli: Command line tool to mass upload media folders to your google photos account(s) (Mac OS / Linux)

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Tags: golang go command-line tools google-photos github.com
Clipped on: 2021-06-17

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While the official tool only supports Mac OS and Windows, this brings an uploader to Linux too. Lets you upload photos from, in theory, any OS for which you can compile a Go program.

See the documentation site for more information about this CLI.


Help us make gphotos-uploader-cli the best tool for uploading your local pictures to Google Photos.

Reporting Issues

If you find a bug while working with gphotos-uploader-cli, please open an issue on GitHub and let us know what went wrong. We will try to fix it as quickly as we can.

Feedback & Feature Requests

You are more than welcome to open issues in this project to:

Contributing Code

This project is mainly written in Golang. If you want to contribute code, see Contributing guide lines for more information.


Use of this source code is governed by an MIT-style license that can be found in the LICENSE MIT file.