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varbhat/torpar: TUI Client for Torrent Paradise

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Original source (github.com)
Tags: golang go torrent tui github.com
Clipped on: 2021-07-26

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TUI Client for Torrent Paradise


torpar is TUI client for Torrent Paradise .

Torrent Paradise is Decentralized DHT Torrent Search Site (Source)


You can download binary for your OS from Releases . Also , if you have Go installed , you can install torpar by typing this in terminal.

go install github.com/varbhat/torpar@latest


  • Search the Torrent Paradise
  • Navigate the Search Results
  • Get Details of the Search Result
  • Copy Magnet Link of Search Result into Device Clipboard
  • Open Magnet Link in Preconfigured Application
  • Write Data to File
  • Navigate TUI interface very easily
  • Supports Most Platforms and Terminals (including tty)


Usage of torpar:
  -a, --apiurl string   API Endpoint URL
                         (default https://torrent-paradise.ml/api/search?q=)
  -f, --file string     File Path to write Data(csv) into
  -q, --query string    Search Query
  -l, --tlist string    URL to tracker list
                         (default https://newtrackon.com/api/stable)
  -t, --type int        Type of Data(csv) to write into file
                         1 → Results
                         2 → Results with Magnet links (with trackers)
                         3 → Only Magnet links of Results
                         4 → Magnet link of Selected Torrent
                         5 → Data of Selected Torrent
                         (default 1)
  -h, --help            Help

torpar is TUI and intuitive to understand .

torpar also shows every navigation keys at each TUI views so that you can use torpar very easily.



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