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My word was a bit disturbing. Meat cooked in a sauce of raw meat over ice. Yum. ... | Hacker News

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Clipped on: 2021-11-19

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My word was a bit disturbing. Meat cooked in a sauce of raw meat over ice. Yum.


a dish with layers of meat, vegetables, or seafood cooked in a sauce of raw meat, vegetables, and herbs, typically over ice and typically served with other fresh ingredients

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Yeah so on the disturbing scale, I think this one is quite good:



a device by which a fetus is detached from another animal by means of an entrails lasso and inserted in other muscles

"underhanded methods of caressing the fetus with an extroraptor device"


parceleducate parcele·d·u·cate transfer (the intestines) into offspring, typically as a sacrifice

Sounds like an SCP ritual.


Object class, Keter.

Upon the birth of offsprings SCP-6121-A, subject will feed SCP-6121-A via the process of parceleducation. Intestinal matter will be sourced from the closest biological entity within a 300 metre radius, replacing the organic tissue with an organ SCP-6121-B.

The Church of Featherless Birds is known to invoke parceleducation as part of its initiation ceremony. Those possessing SCP-6121-B are known as disciples of the Vulture King.

I would try this "beef ceviche" dish if I knew it was from a safe source. Can't be worse than rare steak.

Steak tartare might be a good first step before this.

Sounds like something straight from the Don't Starve (videogame) cookbook.

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