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Lens | The Kubernetes IDE

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Clipped on: 2022-12-13

Image (Asset 1/1) alt=Fully integrated with Lens Desktop.

Zero Friction

Drastically reduces the complexity of deploying and running Kubernetes. Allows anyone, with no special expertise in Kubernetes to get started.

No Dependencies

Packaged entirely as a single binary with all dependencies built-in. Works on any supported host OS without any extra components or configurations.

Unlimited Extensions

Supports all extensions and technologies from the cloud native ecosystem. Easily install extensions packaged as operators, manifest bundles or Helm charts.

Advanced Security

Packed with advanced security features like Kube-bench security benchmark, end-to-end FIPS compliance and true control plane isolation, just to name a few.

Maximum Scalability

Runs at any scale, on any infrastructure. All the way from single node resource constrained clusters to massive hyperscale clusters.

Based on Open Source

Based on k0s open source project by Team Lens, a CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution. Works flawlessly with Lens Desktop.

Lens Kubernetes Anywhere
for Edge / 5G

The Kubernetes distro for those who want full control without limitations.
Quick and easy to get started.
Works for Edge / 5G

Unopinionated distro with support for any stacks required by Edge / 5G use cases for CNI/CSI/CRI. Worker nodes and control plane may be run in separate networks.

Certified for IoT

CNCF Certified Kubernetes for resource contrained devices; 512MB of RAM and 1 vCPU minimum required. Runs on x86-64, ARM32 and ARM64 architectures.

Runs on Your Cloud

Zero friction Kubernetes at any scale, on any infrastructure, on premises and clouds. All the way from single node mini clusters to massive hyperscale clusters.

Perfect for Bare Metal

Easy to deploy and manage on bare metal machines; packaged as single binary with all dependencies built-in and works on any supported host OS out of the box.

Comes with Autopilot

Remove complexity from cluster lifecycle management. Built-in mechanism for clusters to perform self-upgrade according to predefined plans.

Kubernetes Versions
  • v1.24
  • v1.23
  • v1.22
Container Runtime
  • ContainerD (default)
  • Custom
Supported Machine Architectures
  • x86-64
  • ARM64
  • ARMv7
Supported Host OS
  • Linux (kernel v3.10 or newer)
  • Windows Server 2019 (experimental)
Control Plane Datastore
  • In-Cluster Elastic Etcd with TLS (default)
  • In-Cluster SQLite (default for single node)
  • External PostgreSQL
  • External MySQL
Built-In Security & Conformance
  • Kube-bench security benchmark
  • FIPS 140-2
  • Certified Kubernetes
Supported CNI Providers
  • Kube-Router (default)
  • Calico
  • Custom
Supported Storage & CSI Providers
  • All Kubernetes storage solutions (with CSI)
  • Local Volume Provisioner (OpenEBS)
Supported Cloud Providers
  • All Cloud Providers (via extensions)
Built-In Security Features
  • RBAC
  • Pod Security Policies
  • Network Policies
  • Control Plane Isolation
  • Support for Micro VMs
  • Support for OpenID Providers
Built-In Cluster Features
  • DNS by CoreDNS
  • Cluster Metrics by Metrics Server
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA)
  • GPU Support
  • Zero-Downtime Cluster Upgrade (via k0sctl)
  • Automatic cluster lifecycle management (Autopilot)
  • Cluster Backup & Restore
  • Manifest Bundles
  • Helm Charts
Source Code

Lens Kubernetes Desktop
for Lens Desktop

A local Kubernetes cluster bundled with Lens Desktop for learning and development.
Start, stop and configure the cluster with a click of a button.
Built-in To Lens Desktop

With a click of a button provides a personal Kubernetes cluster to Lens users. From people just getting started to seasoned cloud native developers. There is no installation. Just access directly from Lens Desktop.


Save your resources for what is important. Configure Kube version, CPU, memory, and disk size for your cluster. Make Lens Kubernetes as small or large as you need to develop and test your workloads.

Get Started Now

Lens Kubernetes for Lens Desktop is available with a Lens Pro subscription. To get started with a free 30-day trial of Lens Pro click here.

Kubernetes Versions
  • v1.24
  • v1.23
  • v1.22
Container Runtime
  • docker (OSS)
Supported OCI Images
  • Linux
Built-In Security & Conformance
  • Kube-bench security benchmark
  • Certified Kubernetes
Available CNI Providers
  • Kube-Router
Available Storage & CSI Providers
  • Local Volume Provisioner

Get Started Today!

Latest Version: v2022.12.121519-latest (12/12/2022)

About Lens

Lens is the way the world runs Kubernetes. It's lowering the barrier of entry for people just getting started and radically improving productivity for people with more experience. Users of Lens gain clarity on how their clusters and cloud native software stacks work. It helps people to put things in perspective and to make sense of it all.

Tens-of-thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of users develop and operate their cloud native workloads on Lens. It is built on open source having 19k stars on GitHub and is backed by a number of Kubernetes and cloud-native ecosystem pioneers. Lens is the largest and most advanced Kubernetes platform in the world.

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