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Does youtube-dl support downloading from a playlist file, like m3u8, stored locally (with external video resources)? : youtubedl

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Does youtube-dl support downloading from a playlist file, like m3u8, stored locally (with external video resources)?

Image (Asset 1/14) alt=https://www.reddit.com/r/youtubedl/comments/uz0rzc/download_from_mlbtv/
... to find the m3u8, and to get the "authorization" key. I run a command like:
yt-dlp --verbose --add-header authorization:key_value_here https://hlslive-akc-ewr1.media.mlb.com/hdnts=exp=XXXX/5600K/5600_complete_gdfp2-trimmed.m3u8

There are other m3u8 options I can find when I search through my web browser developer tools, but the results seem to be the same in every case.
It looks like it's downloading, and I end up with a file that is multiple gigabytes. But, when I try to view the file, it looks like it just has the MLB "Commercial break in progress" bumper for the entire video. If I don't add the authorization header, I get an unauthorized message.

I have verbose output here:

I have removed my authorization key in the example above, and I have replaced a section of the URL with "XXXX".

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  1. Then in the terminal window that opens, type yt-dlp URL replacing URL with the link u want to download.

  2. Wait for your video to finish downloading

No terminal window opens for me now. Instead I get this (screenshot of error message):


Hopefully it is some very simple mistake I'm making that can be easily corrected, but any help would be MOST appreciated!

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Image (Asset 3/14) alt=It's this line:

yt-dlp --skip-download --ignore-errors --flat-playlist --print-to-file "%(webpage_url)s # %(duration>%H:%M:%S)s - %(title)s" urls.txt

I would now like to do something similar, but instead of creating a Text File,
I would like to download all the Thumbnails from a Channel - each video's thumbnail.

Is there a command that can do it?

Ideally, the thumbnail's Filename will include the Video Title and Video ID,
like: %(title)s (%(id)s)

Hopefully it is possible

Thank you

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Image (Asset 4/14) alt=and now with the help of pukkandan, on Windows7 SP1 too.

My last computer that I wish to run yt-dlp on, is a computer with WindowsXP SP3 (32bit).

Is there a chance to run it there too?

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Image (Asset 5/14) alt=

You guys are always so helpful and knowledgeable, thanks in advance if you can help me again!