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Tags: os-x hacking Mac filesystem Adobe workaround CS5 CS6 CC Creative-Cloud case-sensitivity case-insensitive bitbucket.org
Clipped on: 2013-10-01


Adobe CS 5.5 Master Collection Installer hack for case sensitive file systems

adobe_case_sensitive_volumes is a function call hijacking library that forces volumes to look like they are case insensitive.

The Adobe CS 5.5 programs will not install onto a case senstive file system, not onto a system with a case sensitive root filesystem. This project provides a work around for the problem.

  1. Make sure you have Xcode 4 installed
  2. get the code: hg clone https://bitbucket.org/lokkju/adobe_case_sensitive_volumes
  3. go into the directory: cd adobe_case_sensitive_volumes
  4. make the library: make
  5. create a 20GB sparsebundle using Disk Utility, making sure it has a case-insensitive file system, and mount it.
  6. create a folder called "Adobe" in your mounted sparsebundle
  7. create a folder called "/Applications/Adobe"
  8. run the hack (you may have to modify the Makefile to point to the right installer path): sudo make run
  9. When you get to the point it asks you to choose an installation directory, choose "/Applications/Adobe"
  10. Delete "/Applications/Adobe", and a create a symlink from "<your sparsebundle>/Adobe" to "/Applications/Adobe"
  11. Now continue your installation as normal
  12. Make sure that your sparsebundle is mounted when you want to use Adobe, and just go into /Application/Adobe, and choose what to run.

At some point maybe I'll streamline this... but it works like a dream for now.