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How to Change Artboard Size in Adobe Illustrator

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How to Change Artboard Size in Adobe Illustrator

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Learn how to change the artboard size of your artwork on your Adobe Illustrator by following these simple steps.


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    Open your existing file or graphic, for this tutorial a personal calling card was used. As shown on the illustration the file was opened and set on a letter sized artboard.
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    Go now to the top corner and click on Document Setup and a dialog box will appear. On the dialog box change the unit to inches and click on Edit Artboards.
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    By clicking on Edit Artboard, Illustrator will automatically shadow your excess artboard and highlight your existing letter sized artboard. It will also show you the Artboard Panel where you can now change your artboard size.
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    Change now your artboard size by typing your preferred setting on the width and height of your artboard. In this case, a setting of 3.65x2.4 inches for the personal calling card example.
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    Or another option is you can also click on Presets and select Fit to Artwork Bounds or even click on any size you would prefer on your graphic such as a standard letter size, A4 or A3.
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    Here is thus now your final artwork.
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